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  What It Is and How You Benefit
"There is no question that using Pretium’s value selling methodology helped us secure these orders, and many others. Without the focus on selling high with a value-based approach, we would have been stuck low in the organization wondering about our future with two of our long time customers"
Jeff Tremaine, Vice President US Field Service, ABB

Value Selling is much more than using the word "value" or constructing a value proposition statement. We teach sales professionals how to execute our proven Value Assessment Methodology. They learn to work consultatively with clients to demonstrate the financial and non-financial effects of their solution. Key client executives are enrolled early in the sales process to enable effective discovery and validation of value. A business case is jointly developed and is used to justify the solution on the business merits.

Return on investment must be shown in order to compete! Whether or not there is a sales methodology in place, a deliberate focus on value is required, and will "up the game" of any sales force.
 Value Assessment is Essential Because:
  • Executive level decision makers focus on how business value is created
  • The customer must understand how an investment reduces costs, increases revenue, reduces risk, creates a competitive advantage and more
  • The inability to have conversations around cash flow analysis and business value creation will be a disqualifier
  • Sales people need a competitive advantage in a world of product-focused sales people
  • Having a sales methodology is not enough! Focusing on value is not only necessary, but also complimentary to whatever sales methodology is in place

 Using Value Assessment, Sales People Will:
  • Implement a true value selling relationship with customers
  • Sell with a focus on business value creation
  • Clearly articulate the business outcomes the client will receive
  • Reduce discounting and sell value instead of price
  • Sell with confidence and credibility at the executive level
  • Create a strong competitive differentiation by the way they sell
  • Accelerate their sales cycle
  • Close more business, and more profitable business

 Why Will They Sell More? Because They Will Learn:
  • How to collaboratively develop and present a business case suitable for executives
  • Investment analysis measures like Simple ROI, Payback, Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and how to apply them in selling situations
  • How to use an investment analysis tool to clearly explain the financial effects of their solution
  • To thoroughly identify benefits and work with the customer to validate them
  • To sell at the appropriate levels and carry those relationships through the sales process
  • To align their sales process with the customers buying process
  • How to align their solutions to the client's business strategy
  • To explore issues of risk and how to position their solution to mitigate them

Whether you sell technology solutions, services, outsourcing, or all of the above, we can utilize the Value Assessment Methodology framework to build a customized value selling program for you.