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  Leveraging Value to Sell Technology, Software and Services
"Pretium's Value Assessment methodology is a unique but proven means to both engage the customer executive and construct a compelling business case for the proposed solution. Once you get a taste of the improved positioning and margins, there is no going back to old habits."
Michael Radigan
Channel Account Manager
Cisco Systems
The world is filled with product focused sales people. Just ask any buyer. Most show up with little knowledge about the prospect's business, and only feel comfortable having a technical discussion. That has to change. Salespeople must sell higher with a business focus to be successful.
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Solution Selling Challenges
Business conditions on both the provider and buyer side have presented considerable challenges.
Chief among them are: More
How Value Assessment Can Help
Selling technology and service solutions requires the ability to discuss business issues with business buyers and build the business case that advocates your solution based on its business merits.
Value assessment can help you to: More
Customization Leveraged For You
Learning is optimized when the instructor understands your business and the program uses meaningful examples.
Your program will be highly relevant because: More