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  Selling Service the Way Customers Buy
"When people ask me what impact the Pretium program had on our business, I tell them it fundamentally changed our behavior and approach to winning business. Exercising the disciplines embodied in Pretium's programs have forced us to: find and articulate value for our clients, eliminate unqualified candidates from our pipeline faster, and better coordinate our selling efforts."
Erik Golz
President and COO
ADS Financial Services
Research has clearly shown that buyers will buy services if their value can be quantified, and that these same buyers want help from the vendors in that quantification effort. What a great opportunity for a sales professional proficient in value selling.
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Service Selling Challenges
Business conditions on both the provider and buyer side are presenting considerable challenges.
Chief among them are: More
How Value Assessment Can Help
Value selling plays a central role in addressing the variety of services selling challenges. Value is services' tangible counterpart. When you sell services you're selling a result. And the result is the value created.
Value assessment can help you to: More
Customization Leveraged For You
Learning is optimized when the instructor understands your business and the program uses meaningful examples.
Your program will be highly relevant because: More