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Why shouldn’t I simply model my top performers when I go out to hire?
Many skills desirable in top performers are also exhibited in low performers. These skills, called false predictors, do not isolate top performers and if not screened out will mislead you to hiring bottom performers.
  Predictive Analytics to put the right sales professionals in the right roles
Most of our clients admit their hiring accuracy is well below 50%, even in the 30's! Contemplate that and consider that sales people are responsible for the lifeblood of your company: revenue.

It isn't just hiring; it's internal selection as well. 65% of sales people who fail do so because they are in the wrong type of sales for their talent or skill base.
The single greatest impact on revenue improvement is accurate sales selection. More than training, coaching or technology.

Sales talent management problems like this can be solved!
Pretium partners with the Chally Group to help clients:
  • Achieve selection accuracy high as 85%
  • Reduce cost of sales by dramatically reducing hiring costs and reducing undesirable turnover
  • Place existing sales people in roles where they have the best chance to succeed
  • Promote the right people to sales management instead of simply rewarding the top performers
  • Determine skill and competency gaps for focused training
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Significantly improve ramp-up time

The secret is in Chally's unique science that identifies skills exhibited by top performers yet absent from bottom performers revealing the skills that
predict success for each unique sales role. Chally's sales skill assessment predicts a person's potential to perform over 140 job-related skills or competencies; it does not describe one's personality.

For over 40 years, Chally has specialized in sales skill assessments. Their research, including assessment data from over 250,000 sales professionals, has identified 14 validated sales profiles…because all sales are not the same.

Pretium's Sales Talent Management Solutions will help you if you:
  • Are designing or implementing a new go-to-market strategy
  • Are merging or streamlining sales forces as a result of a merger or acquisition
  • Need to reduce cost of sales by reducing turnover, shorten ramp-up time and reduce recruiting time and costs.
  • Are forming a specialty sales team - for services, target markets, etc.
  • Need to improve hiring accuracy
  • Need a more productive and efficient sales force

The Talent Audit
The most powerful tool in sales force productivity improvement. The talent audit provides objective, predictive, real-time talent data for your incumbent sales teams. It reveals skill comparisons and overall success potentials for your sales and management positions. You will quickly identify skill mismatches, best-fit alternative roles and high potential management candidates.

About the Chally Group
Founded is 1973, Chally is recognized as an international technology leader in scientific assessment and prediction for selection, job alignment and leadership development, and for management assessment. More about Chally