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  Effectively Managing a Very Complex Sales Process
"Thanks to Pretium Partners, we have finally implementerd true value selling techniques, and it's fundamentally changed the way we sell!! Pretium's Value Assessment Methodology provides the structure and tools for the most important aspect of closing the sale - meeting with the decision maker and demonstrating the hard dollar value of your solution. Trust me - it works!"
Jeff Solinger
Vice President, Outsourcing
Sterling Commerce
Outsourcing can be one of the most complex solutions to sell and manage. Accordingly, the bar is raised for the outsourcing sales professional.
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Outsourcing Selling Challenges
While outsourcing has become a very common practice to increase shareholder value, selling outsourcing still presents considerable challenges.
Chief among them are: More
How Value Assessment Can Help
The ability to work at the executive level where outsourcing decisions are made is critical to success. Executives want to learn about the value you can create in their business, and have proof that you have successfully done it before. This is true value selling.
Value assessment can help you to: More
Customization Leveraged For You
Learning is optimized when the instructor understands your business and the program uses meaningful examples.
Your program will be highly relevant because: More