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“Salespeople typically spend 30-50 hours per month searching for information & recreating customer-facing content.”

Aberdeen Group

“80% - 90% of customer-facing content created by salespeople is inaccurate & dilutes the brand.”

  Aligning Sales and Marketing Efforts for Maximum Sales   Effectiveness
Marketing person: Our sales people just sell product; they don’t understand how to sell value.

Sales Person: Our prices are too high and I don’t have the tools I need to make my job easier.

This is classic example of sales and marketing being out of alignment.

In a Pretium workshop recently, a sales team was unable to build a positive business case for their solution even after careful consideration of all areas of business impact. They decided to discount the price (ironic, isn’t it?) nearly 60% in order to show a reasonable return.

  • Was the sales team simply unable to see the value?
  • Did their company set the price too high?
  • Did the solution not create the value the company claimed?
Pretium later worked with the Solution Management team responsible for the solution. They had never provided the sales teams with an explanation of the intended value of the solution. And as it turns out, they didn’t fully define it themselves. They simply believed it.

The common goal of sales and marketing
is to win more customers.
Marketing the Business Impact of Solutions
Pretium developed Marketing the Business Impact of Solutions (MBIS) to help bridge the sales and marketing gap. Participants learn how to improve their solution marketing content to better demonstrate the business impact of their solutions, and therefore better support the value selling efforts of the sales force.

Through these efforts, sales will be much more effective selling at the highest appropriate level with a focus on the business value your solutions create for your customers.

MBIS is designed for all individuals who define or influence how solutions create value, how it is documented and communicated to sales teams as well as customers and how it is described in marketing communication materials.

Marketing the Business Impact of Solutions is built around the team concept for learning. Solution teams will be able to:
  • Identify the common benefits of each solution at all levels, enabling sales to ask better and more focused business questions
  • Quantify benefits and explain them to sales so they can sell value instead of price
  • Build a pro forma investment analysis that portrays typical cash flow for a customer that sales can leverage during the financial conversation
  • Identify the key customer executives with whom the sales people should position the solution and what makes the solution compelling for each, allowing sales to adjust the conversation accordingly for highest impact
  • Understand risk from a customer perspective and equip sales to effectively handle those concerns
MBIS workshops are lead by Pretium’s principals who have worked with clients of all sizes around the world. Consistent with our Learning Progression model, participants receive pre-work that sets expectations and starts the learning. They are asked to bring their solution dossier to class and work with a team to develop actionable take-away materials. Approximately 90 days later, the participants reconvene in a Web-Roundtable to review and reinforce their work.

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