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  Balancing Your Understanding of Important Financial Principles
"Many of the recommendations and tactics identified during Pretium's class were utilized during my latest sales resulting in a $3.6 million win."
Sales Professional
Selling to executives and being able to explain the business value of your solution requires an understanding of certain financial principles. Sales professionals should not over complicate the financial aspects of selling. Balance is key.
Winning business requires balance. Finance is part of the business case, not all of it. While learning financial concepts is important, it is equally important to not over-educate. The job of the sales professional is to be able to articulate the financial effects, in basic terms, of buying their solution. A CFO does not expect a sales person to be as well versed financially as he is. In fact, efforts to over reach can easily backfire if you allow yourself to wander into a discussion you are not equipped to have.
Pretium teaches how to quantify benefits and the fundamentals of cash flow analysis: the terms and definitions, along with how and when to use them. In addition, we have developed the Investment Analysis Tool, which is a simple yet professional way to run alternative financial scenarios and present the return on an investment.

The Investment Analysis Tool
The CFO of a $2B company (and a Pretium client) decided to use our Investment Analysis Tool as his company's standard for analyzing their own investments! This was the same tool being provided to his worldwide sales force as part of implementing Pretium's Value Assessment Methodology. Why did he want to do this? He said that it is simple yet includes all the information he needs. If more sophisticated financial analysis is required, he'll do it. He does not want the supplier to do it.

This story reinforces our conviction that sales professionals should not over complicate the financial aspects of selling.

Business Case Software
In selling, successful use of a business case requires a collaborative relationship with the client and a flexible approach. Often, a client builds their own business case, and they appreciate a sales professional that knows the ins and outs of business case development.

Business case development is a process, not a tool. We have interviewed companies that have tried such tools and the feedback is consistent: To be useful the software must be highly customized to accommodate all the solutions a supplier offers and the verticals they sell into. The result is a tool far too complex to be practical, and the sales force won't use it.

We teach sales professionals the process of working with clients at the executive level to illustrate the value they create and how to develop a business case in a flexible fashion suitable for any client. This is what the Value Assessment Methodology is all about.