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Coaching increases sales rep engagement; a finding particularly useful for stars you hope to retain. Salespeople tend to remain with companies that invest in their personal success.
  Maximize the Return on Your Training Investment
Sales people fail to recall 87% of what they learned 30 days after training. When training is complemented by in-field coaching, sales productivity is quadrupled, from 22% to 88%.1

You invest in training to change behavior that will improve sales, and you do so with significant ROI in mind. While training is a great start to changing behavior, coaching and reinforcement from first line sales management is critical for permanently establishing the new sales behaviors.

Coaching Value Assessment
It is well documented that developmental coaching improves performance and retains superstars. Coaching your sales team to reinforce the use of a new sales methodology is essential. For these reasons Pretium developed Coaching Value Assessment.

Coaching Value Assessment is a 1-day workshop for sales managers that teaches:
  • The fundamentals for coaching
  • The 5-Step Coaching Model
  • Questioning for developmental coaching
  • Coaching the value assessment methodology
Consistent with our Learning Progression model, participants receive pre-work that sets expectations and starts the learning process. The workshop leverages interactive exercises, peer teaching and role-plays to learn, refine and reinforce the correct coaching behaviors.

Coaching Value Assessment will enable your sales managers to effectively coach value assessment and ensure the sales gains you invested in are fully realized.
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1Sales Executive Council