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Change begins when people take knowledge away from a workshop with an excitement to implement it. Students continually rate us 9+ on a scale of 10 when asked, "will the workshop help me sell more?"
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"Demonstrating real value to clients is hard work. Changing your selling perspective from an internally focused mantra – "we are so good at…" – to a compelling, externally focused value proposition – "here's how we impact your business…" is not for the faint of heart. Pretium helped us cross that chasm."

ADS Financial Services

"When people ask me what impact the Pretium program had on our business, I tell them it fundamentally changed our behavior and approach to winning business. Exercising the disciplines embodied in Pretium's programs has forced us to: find and articulate value for our clients, eliminate unqualified candidates from our pipeline faster, and better coordinate our selling efforts."

Erik Golz
President and COO
ADS Financial Services

"Many of my 10+ year experienced sales professionals commented to me that this was the best sales training they had ever received. They left the training feeling confident that they could execute on the knowledge gained to win business at the executive level."

Mike Solomon
Vice President Sales and Marketing
NCR IT Infrastructure Services