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  Selected Readings to Sharpen Your Edge
Selling the value of your solutions at the executive level is critical to your success. Since you can never learn too much, here is some reading to help you Sharpen Your Edge.

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Seven SMB Technology Predictions for 2013
This article outlines a prediction SMB tech trends for 2013, one of which is that IT will need to focus on the revenue side. Understanding this with your customers will help you focus and differentiate your business case.
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Explaining IT Value to Skeptics
Here are some approaches CIO's take when new executives require them to re-establish IT's strategic value. Help them do that to get out of the vendor role and take a step up in the food chain.
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7 Keys to Sales Leadership
The sales leadership job is one of the toughest in business today. As the author states, it is a few critical jobs rolled into one: super seller, coach, strategist and business leader. Following the advice in this article will up the game of any sales leader.
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How to Wow Your Board of Directors
Turns out that the things going through the CIO's mind before a meeting with the Board of Directors, and the fears they face, are right in line with our own as sales professionals. This article will help you understand the CIO's pressures and better enable you to assist them, and increase your chances of winning the business.
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Four Steps to CIO Effectiveness
To be effective at selling value, you must understand how those who make buying decisions are measured. According to Information Week, there are currently 4 steps to CIO effectiveness. This article outlines describes those steps, and understanding how your solutions can contribute to those will raise your stature with the CIO and enable you to close more business.
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How to Make The Case For IT Investment
This article outlines business case best practices and recommends 5 rules to live by that practically guarantee business case success. Understanding these rules will go a long way toward ensuring the business case you put together will be successful.
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CIO's are constantly striving to show the business value of IT investments and prove how these investments are strategic to the business. For sales professionals, understanding the move in favor of ROI over TCO provides another reason why they must assist their buyers in understanding how their solutions create business value beyond the safe zone of cutting costs.
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CRM on the Cheap: 5 Strategies That Backfire
Selling CRM? Learn how to keep things on track when the CFO starts to get nervous about the cost. And be sure to check the link to part 2 of the article for strategies that work. Focusing on business benefits instead of costs is a piece of the puzzle.
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Outsourcing's Next Wave
Today, having a more variable cost structure has become a real priority for most executives and creating that variability is now one of the top three reasons companies outsource. Understanding outsourcing's ever-evolving value proposition will enhance your ability to sell.
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Outsourcing's Benefits May Be More Than Monetary
Often times seen as a way to cut costs, this article describes the value of outsourcing beyond cost cutting. And in value assessment, the goal is to uncover all of the value.
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Division of Labor
As business and technology environments become more complex, many buyers of large outsourcing solutions are realizing that one provider cannot possibly satisfy all of their requirements. Understanding this fundamental market shift and where your company fits will put you in a stronger selling position.
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Value-Based Pricing
The right approach to pricing does more than optimize revenue. It can also demonstrate to your sales force how the value is created. This whitepaper by Tom Cissell with The Cistek Group explains a smart approach to value pricing.
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