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Sales Encyclopedia

For 100 years or more, the best salespeople have been slowly developing and cataloging best practices for their own use: secrets of gaining competitive intelligence, lead generation, strategies to overcome objections, creating business value through their solutions, insights into prospect psychology (with different strategies for different types of buyers), presentation and sales letter skills and more.

And yes, some of this wisdom found its way into books and manuals. But nowhere was it all assembled at once—until now.

With the publication of Sales Encyclopedia, business people finally have a single-volume source for information on every facet of the sales process. In 47 chapters and 678 pages, six authors with a combined 141 years of sales experience guide both new and experienced sales people through every step of selling. The authors’ clear, easy-to-digest style provides a comprehensive guide that will enable business people to gain the equivalent of years of experience.

Assembled from decades of professional practice, study, and training, this exhaustive (but not exhausting) and definitive examination of traditional success secrets is designed to be consumed in chunks: when a salesperson runs into a confusing or difficult situation, he or she can consult the appropriate chapter or section.

Pretium authored Section V: Selling to Executives and Building A Business Case. The chapters in this section detail the essentials of describing the value of your solutions in a way that executives expect and how to collaborate with the customer to build a joint business case that justifies the investment.

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Bridging the Services Chasm
Aligning Services Strategy to Maximize Product Success
By Thomas E. Lah

Bridging the Services Chasm provides a comprehensive framework companies can use to make critical service strategy decisions that have rapidly become the difference between product success and market failure. Based on the analysis of technology providers, this book leverages a combination of public record, unique survey data, and direct interaction to clearly define the critical role services is now playing in the success of product companies. In 1991, Geoffrey Moore published Crossing the Chasm. This seminal work framed and defined the specific challenges that companies face as they attempt to drive new product offerings to market. Since then, a new set of strategy challenges for product-centric companies has become evident. And there is a new chasm that companies must decide how to cross: The Services Chasm. Bridging the Services Chasm frames the services strategy decisions product companies can no longer afford to defer and provides a clear path for action. Pretium contributed Critical Success Factors in Selling Services this book’s appendix.

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