Example of a Business Outcomes map
Mapping Business Outcomes
A Sharpen Your Edge reprint

In our experience working with sales teams to implement our Value Assessment Methodology, sales people are challenged by

(1) Understanding the business value created by their solutions beyond high-level company statements, and (2) If they do understand it, they struggle explaining “how”; that is, connecting the dots from their solution to the business outcome.

Companies need to be proficient at mapping solutions to business outcomes. The benefits to the sales team include:

  • Better sales conversations with business managers and executives
  • Forecasted value creation is more believable
  • The value contribution of each solution element can be identified
  • Builds credibility for the sales person who can articulate a deeper understanding of the customer’s business
  • Ultimately, more sales and higher margins

Effective outcome mapping takes practice, refinement and discipline. Here are a few tips to sharpen your edge:

  • Each link in the chain of logic needs to be credible and substantiated.
  • Substantiation - It is not enough to have the outcome map. In and of itself, it doesn't prove a thing. Each link needs to be logically explained using benchmark data, industry KPIs, research, strong experience, documentation, testimonials, etc.
  • Fewer links is better. The longer the sequence of events, the more difficult it is to explain and the more assumptions that must be correct in order for the outcome to be realized.
  • Requires a solid knowledge of how the customer’s business works. It’s not sufficient to simply indicate ability to reduce customer churn. You need to understand the drivers for churn in their industry and what influences the drivers.

Sales folks, those of you that have learned our Value Assessment Methodology will recognize this as an advanced form of logical linkages. Just because your company hasn’t done this for you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It will make a difference!

Don't lose your Edge - Good luck and good selling!

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