“The Trouble With Personality Tests”. Learn why personality typing systems are not effective hiring tools for sales.

Personality tests are a popular component of many organizations’ hiring processes. As these tests contend to measure traits and characteristics that remain stable over time, it is intuitive to believe information regarding candidates’ individual differences in these areas would be helpful when making selection decisions. Yet evidence supporting the usefulness of personality tests in the hiring process has been called into serious question. This is due to repeated findings that correlations between measures of personality and measures of job performance are not strongly related. After nearly two decades of enthusiastic support for the use of personality assessments, there has been a call for talent management professionals to reevaluate the merits of these tests.

This very well-sourced white paper describes the many weaknesses of personality tests and their inability to predict job performance. Further, it describes why behaviorally-based measures, like the Chally Assessment, should always be the preferred choice for assessments in hiring.

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