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  Why Companies Hire Us, and Continue to Work With Us
"In my former company, I rolled out 'Selling the Business Impact of Your Solution' to over five hundred field sales people and managers. It addressed our challenges involving gaining access, engaging executive buyers and closing more deals at that level. The program has consistently received rave reviews and the ROI on this significant investment was realized many times over! The sales tools that Pretium provided are extremely valuable and practical. My confidence in Pretium and their systematic, no-nonsense approach to sales improvement is such that I am bringing them to my new company and sales force!"
David Levesque
Vice President, Global Learning
SonoSite, Inc.
Our Clients Get Results
Across the board, our clients tell us of their newfound success. Hiring better sales people, having executives conversations they were previously struggling with, winning business they could not win before, closing deals that were almost closed by their competitors. We’d like you to join them!

You Work With the Principals
Who is more passionate and committed to a client's success than the principals of a business? Our engagement model ensures you work with the principals end to end. The knowledge we gain through the sales process, program development and customization is leveraged for your benefit when we work with your sales team and management. We'll know your business and use relevant examples, and you will sell more because of it.

Customized For Each Client
For all candidate selection and talent management initiatives, each job position profile will be created or verified according to specific on the job skills required for success.

Training solutions will be based on the Value Assessment framework, designed according to your requirements and customized to your environment. Our custom design philosophy has resulted in:

  • Instructor led programs facilitated by Pretium’s expert instructors
  • Intellectual property licensing, trainer certification, and co-teaching
  • Pre-work that sets expectations, starts the learning, and tests for retention
  • Web roundtables to assess and reinforce learning and coach managers
  • Special programs jointly developed with clients such as informational videos, distance learning and more
  • Customized return-on-investment analysis tools for sales professionals
Lasting Behavior Change
Hiring the right salespeople is only the beginning. Everyone needs to learn, and learning is meaningless without retention. That's why we replaced the "training event" with our Learning Progression. Carefully designed activities — from pre-work, management preparation, workshops, field assignments, web roundtables, account consulting, and more — become your Learning Progression. Not only will you enjoy it, you will be able to implement.