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  Pretium is The Latin Word for Value
At Pretium Partners we enable companies to close more profitable business through more accurate selection of sales people followed by the implementation of Value Assessment. With our value assessment methodology we can build a customized program to address your specific selling challenges.

Specialization: Value Assessment
Despite having some of the most well known sales methodologies in place, many of our clients were challenged with defining and articulating the value their solutions brought to their customers. Further, they realized they did not have the talent in place to change the way they sell. Pretium changed that. Selling value is a process not an event, meeting or building a value proposition sentence.

Value Assessment is the consultative process of identifying the business impact of an investment, according to the buyer’s decision-making criteria, and assembling the business case that explains it.

Focus: Technology, Services & Outsourcing Marketplace
Selling technology solutions has unique characteristics, and all of our clients are in this marketplace. We are sales professionals with years of experience selling technology and services to organizations of all sizes. This experience ensures that we understand your business and challenges. Our training is relevant so you will implement quickly and easily.