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  The Right Combination of Instructional Methods to Optimize    Learning
“Building and presenting the business case with my team gave me the confidence to share it with my customer. And 3 weeks later we won the business! Thanks again for the outstanding workshop!”

“The close interaction – discussions, idea sharing, flip charting, presenting the business case and getting the participant feedback, really made this a dynamic, effective and valuable workshop.”

“Our company is really pushing web-based training, but to be honest, I’m glad this course wasn’t one of them. I would have missed significant (and important!) learning.”

Changing business conditions challenge us to drive down the cost of doing business and minimize time out field for sales resources. Advances in learning technologies allow us to save money and time, however, the instructional medium must be selected based on the type of learning. Pretium’s blended learning approach leverages the strengths of the most favorable instructional methods to optimize learning.

The workshop portion of our training is instructor led. Live, in-person learning is simply the best way to capture and keep the attention of sales professionals. Our world-class facilitators bring over 35 years of sales and instructional experience directly into the learning environment where collaboration, presentation, role-play and face-to-face problem solving takes place.

Most training engagements follow this process:
  1. Phase one uses self-paced learning. Pre-work is emailed to participants to learn and review on their own time.
  2. Phase two is a dynamic and interactive instructor-lead workshop that includes discussions, role-plays, group activities and exercises, presentations and participant feedback.
  3. Phase three is a live web meeting that reinforces key concepts, shares ideas, works through roadblocks and crystallizes next steps.
  4. Phase four is customized for each client and often includes a series of ongoing web meetings or other classroom based reinforcement activities.

We would like to show you how our approach can add value to your business. And we promise your travel budget will be well invested!

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